Heather Dolland Tamam C.S.S.

My name is Heather Dolland Tamam. I am the founder of the Spirits Education Experience.

I created the Spirits Education Experience when I noticed the education gap that existed in most industry related programs. 

As I faced challenges finding Brand Ambassadors for distilleries that are my clients, the need for this platform became clear.

I am  also the founder of Tastes Brands and author of “Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom” and “Before The Glass”.

At Tastes Brands, we provide sales and tasting support for Craft Spirits.

I have been in different aspects of the craft spirits business for over 16 years. 

The Spirits Education Experience was created to help advance the careers of those already in the industry and provide the tools necessary for those who are new to it. I sincerely believe that education is the foundation that all successful ventures are built upon, and will be honored to be part of your journey.



Excelling In The Spirits Category

I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific goals. Whether you are new to the industry or will like to take your career to the next level, I can help you achieve the results you desire.


Take Your Career To The Next Level

This is a seven week course to allow you to prepare for the Society of Wine Educators Certified Specialist of Spirits Exam. 

Each class will be from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the specified day of the week.

CSS exams are available only at Pearson VUE testing centers. Candidates will be sent an authorization code after purchasing the exam credit from the Spirits Education Experience.

Our preparation course with exam credit is $1200. Authorization codes will be emailed directly from The Society of Wine Educators and Pearson Vue testing centers. With the authorization code, a CSS Exam may be scheduled through Pearson at the candidate’s preferred time and place.

Exam registrations are good for one full year from the date of purchase.

Class Schedule

Week 1 - Spirit Production and The Sensory Evaluation of Spirits

Week 2 - Vodka and Other Neutral Spirits & Gin and Other Flavored Spirits 

Week 3 - Whiskey, Brandy and Fruit Based Spirits

Week 4 - Rum and Other Sugarcane Based Spirits & Tequila and Other Agave Based Beverages

Week 5 - Liqueurs, Vermouth, Amari & Bitters

Week 6 - Mixology & Impact of Alcohol on Health

Week 7 - Review

I created Proof of Purchase when I realized the challenges that many distillers face finding sales reps to sell their brands. The craft spirits movement is absolutely enormous and there are lots of opportunities for those who want to be part of this revolution in the way we drink.
Proof of Purchase will provide you with some of the foundational tools necessary to succeed in craft spirit sales.
If you already sell spirits or will like to learn how, this program is for you!


Private Spirits Tasting 

This experience is for the Craft Spirit Enthusiast that wants a better understanding of how spirits are made. 

All of our spirit tastings are private experiences. During your tasting you would have a better understanding of what a spirit is and how they are made. We will go over tasting notes and the different aspects of the distillation process that creates the flavors that allow you to tell the difference between a vodka and gin or a bourbon and whiskey. You will come away having a much better understanding of how to choose a bottle from the shelf that you would like, without ever tasting the contents!

Each tasting will last approximately 2 hrs and will consist of a flight of 6 spirits based upon your preference.

The rates for The Spirits Intensive are as follows:

Up to 5 people $500
Up to 10 people $875

Full payment is due one week before the event, and refunds will only be issued if cancellation is made at least 3 days before the event.

*This experience can either be held virtually or at locations that allow for appropriate social distancing. 



Before The Glass - Things To Consider When Entering The Booze Business

There are many challenges faced by small businesses. But when that business produces alcohol, lack of knowledge can have devastating consequences. Before The Glass serves as a blueprint of things to be considered when entering this capital intense industry.

The author shares many lessons learned while working with craft distillers both domestic and international. It’s an easy and engaging read filled with practical steps suitable for brands at different stages in the booze business.

Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom

“Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom” chronicles the lives of 30 Craft Distillers throughout New York State, from Brooklyn to the Finger Lakes.

The distillers described in this book work with various spirits such as Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Vodka and much more! Each story is as varied and unique as the brands that they create. It is an intimate look into their struggles and triumphs, and their decisions to be embark upon this spirited journey; a journey that would not have been possible without the changing of laws and regulations that made distilling in New York once again legal since the days of Prohibition. This has been championed by a governor who has cast himself as “the most booze-friendly chief executive” in state history.



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